Photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy

from 50​-​90 2020 by The Fishermen & the Priestess



This song was recorded in a single take. I play the guitar, going through the Empress ZOIA for effects. Drums, bass, pads and the arpeggio are coming from the Teenage Engineering OP-Z, which I control using the Keith McMillen Softstep 2 to change mute groups. I did some light mastering on Ardour.


from 50​-​90 2020, track released July 1, 2020
Photo by Crawford Jolly on Unsplash




The Fishermen & the Priestess Bodega Bay, California

The fishermen and the priestess is the solo project of Beto Dealmeida, a musician interested in nature, vintage sounds and electronics.

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