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If a tree falls in a forest

from FAWM 2021 by The Fishermen & the Priestess

backstage exclusive


@pifie started a thread (fawm.org/forums/topic/11055/) asking people to make up new music genres. I suggested:

Nihilistic Ambient: ambient music made exclusively from field recordings of silences — funerals, empty churches, and awkward silences in first dates.

I then made this song from a few samples from freesound.org/:

- "Silence in the forest" (freesound.org/people/13F_Panska_Petruzelova_Anna/sounds/379...)
- "Silence - Parisian flat 1" (freesound.org/people/Aiwha/sounds/189168/)
- "Silence Ambience" (freesound.org/people/ayubwaguma/sounds/445762/)
- "Silence 06-09-2012" (freesound.org/people/wescwave/sounds/170017/)
- "Funeral bell-cloche funèbre" (freesound.org/people/aoristos/sounds/329324/)
- "Radio Empty Frequency -001" (freesound.org/people/tosha73/sounds/495517/)
- "Ambience, Hockey rink, Empty" (freesound.org/people/mikeonfire99/sounds/148175/)
- "Room tone Bedroom Small Quiet" (freesound.org/people/leonelmail/sounds/427838/)
- "Quiet Town Ambience" (freesound.org/people/deleted_user_7146007/sounds/383894/)
- "Quiet respiration woman" (freesound.org/people/dynamique/sounds/554735/)
- "Subway peel quiet ambience" (freesound.org/people/Stephane_Carreau/sounds/505592/)
- "Quiet church" (freesound.org/people/waweee/sounds/370964/)
- "Train engine leaving" (freesound.org/people/avakas/sounds/197119/)
- "Breakfast ambience" (freesound.org/people/mefrancis13/sounds/117601/)


from FAWM 2021, track released February 2, 2021
Photo by Jordan Madrid on Unsplash




The Fishermen & the Priestess Bodega Bay, California

The fishermen and the priestess is the solo project of Beto Dealmeida, a musician interested in nature, vintage sounds and electronics.

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