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I didn't see that coming

from 50​-​90 2021 by The Fishermen & the Priestess

backstage exclusive


This is my song for a SuperSkirmish (write a song under 1 hour) with theme "Didn't see that coming".

Being from Brazil, I learned to play guitar when I was young by playing bossa nova. I haven't played any bossa nova in decades, but I decided to give a try on the genre for this song.


Don’t tell me you’re surprised
Don’t look at me with those eyes
You say you never saw it coming
Oh honey, you knew it all along

So many times I tried to warn you
Oh I told you to go back
Darling a life by my side
That’s no life, there’s no path

I hope one day you’ll understand…

And though I gave a thousand warnings
Oh darling, I needed one for me
I never thought that I would miss you
Oh, I’d kiss you, don’t you see?

I choose to travel by myself
In this world, in this life
But once you left I felt alone
I was taken by surprise

I didn’t see that coming


from 50​-​90 2021, track released September 26, 2021
Photo by Georg Niggli on Unsplash




The Fishermen & the Priestess Bodega Bay, California

The Fishermen & the Priestess is the solo project of Beto Dealmeida, a musician interested in nature, vintage sounds and electronics.

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