Government Time Travel Policy

from FAWM 2021 by The Fishermen & the Priestess



This is my triple challenge song:

First, the #fake-band-impersonation challenge that I created ( choose a random band from the "Fake band A is for ABBA" thread and write a song as them. I got "Varying Degrees of Legs" from @tjfafterdark, so I decided to record myself stomping my foot on my wooden deck, and have many layers combined together.

Second, the #cowcore challenge ( write a song where the cowbell is the spotlight of the song. I drove all the way to the closest hardware store just so I could buy a cowbell for this song!

Third, the "Government Time Travel Policy Writing" challenge (, which is not even a challenge, just a weird thread. But I love the concept, so I wanted to write some rules that would show up in a government time travel policy. The first two policies were suggested by friends on Twitter, the others I just made up on the spot.

Finally, this song also meets the requirement for "Challenge to do three or more challenges in one song" (


Attention: if you travel back in time and earn income, but did not report it that year, you must file an amending form and pay taxes.

Attention: all items brought forward or backwards in time must be checked through time travel customs. Thank you.

Attention: traveling with sports manuals is strictly prohibited. Thank you.

Attention: all travelers must have their memory wiped of all knowledge of bitcoin. Thank you.

Attention: flight number 6176 is leaving 2 hours ago. Thank you.

Attention: all travelers younger than 12 years must be accompanied by their future self. Thank you.


from FAWM 2021, track released February 23, 2021
First quote by @jtk on Twitter
Second quote by @DJKennethA on Twitter

Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash


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The Fishermen & the Priestess Bodega Bay, California

The fishermen and the priestess is the solo project of Beto Dealmeida, a musician interested in nature, vintage sounds and electronics.

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