Last Wave

Back in 2020, when the pandemic was still in the beginning and the days felt all the same, I wrote a song that I called "Last Wave". It's my longest song, with almost 24 minutes, and it was recorded from a life performance using only a 4-track recorder.

Each of the 4 tracks has a different sound sample from Freesound, and the ambiance slowly shifts from human presence and metallic samples to nature sounds, representing the last wave of COVID, when humanity gets completely wiped out, leaving behind a peaceful landscape.

The video is available on YouTube, and you can find the song on my Bandcamp page. It's also available as side A of a very limited edition cassette tape — with side B being a custom and unique recording.

This is one of my favorite songs. I love its simplicity, and how it gradually changes, almost imperceptibly. There's tension at first, but it's hard to tell when the song ends... you just notice that suddenly things are calm. It's almost as you can hear the silence, because at some point it you clearly notice it.