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My 14 songs for the month of February. Composed and recorded from scratch, with love and sense of hurry.


released February 28, 2018

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



The fishermen & the priestess San Francisco, California

The fishermen and the priestess is the solo project of Beto Dealmeida, a musician interested in nature, vintage sounds and electronics.

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Track Name: These dolphins
An oceanographer walks into a bar
­— wait, she *pretends* to be an oceanographer —
A marine biologist, straight from a seminar
About a new species she’s about to decipher.

“These dolphins”, she declares, “compute in binary,
They teach their young about Descartes,
They store seaweed during winter in a granary,
Because... they’re that smart!”

The whole bar just stares at her in awe
Eyes wide open, mouths agape
“It’s true”, she says, “just like I foresaw...
And even better, I have it all on tape!”

“These dolphins”, she proclaims, “know how to pivot tables,
They teach their young about modern art
Travel the oceans on underwater cables
Because... they’re that smart!”

“Is it really so?”, a voice comes from the back
“I’ve never heard of such a creature
Dolphins are smart, I can see that
But I don’t think they have such a culture”

“These dolphins”, she exclaims, “are not widely known
Not many scientists can tell these dolphins apart
From other dolphins, they keep into their own
Because… they’re that smart!”

“I see your point there, I guess you might be right
Too many mysteries remain under the sea
Let’s not argue then, let’s not get into a fight
We both love the ocean, and that is clear to me!”

“These dolphins”, she indicates, “are friends with everyone
They have big brains, and an even bigger heart
They don’t pay taxes, they don’t have a 401 (k)
Because… they’re that smart!

They're that smart!"
Track Name: Capella
The wind blows from the East
Around my back it meanders
Bringing me all the questions
When all I have are the answers

The sun sets down on the West
Diving deeply into the blue
I lose a day but then I get
All the turns that the world’s gonna do

I still look up to the stars
Even though they’re long gone
I’m still looking for my path
Why is it so that I must always travel alone?

But I guess I’m the lucky one
I kept going forth
When I traveled to the South
You were always my true North

But I guess I’m the lucky one
I just kept going forth and forth and forth and forth
When I traveled to the South
You were always
My one true North